Heavy 80 by Coal Creek Tap in Wyoming, United States

About Heavy 80 by Coal Creek Tap

A “shilling” is a form of money as well as a way to categorize Scottish Ales according to alcohol strength. For example, a “light” Scotch Ale is under 3.5% ABV whereas a “heavy” Scotch Ale sits close to 4.0%. Our Heavy 80 acknowledges this Scottish scale because it’s got a slightly higher ABV. A complex malt bill of Maris Otter, Munich, Special B and several others combine to create a bready aroma and delicious taste. It’s a great beer for those wanting a low-hopped alternative.

Made by Coal Creek Tap

Hands down, the best beer one can find in Laramie. No doubt about it. Samurai, Bunny Hop, Coal Train, and Hey Victor, just to name a few! So good! ~ Jonny Law

Coal Creek Tap makes Heavy 80 Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

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