Hefeweizen by Kichesippi Beer Company in Ontario, Canada

About Hefeweizen by Kichesippi Beer Company

Since he joined Kichesippi, Brewmaster Don "Dr. Malt" Harms has been telling them that he makes a great Weissbier, so they said "go for it". In 1989, Don began his apprenticeship as a brewer in Germany, where he specialized in brewing Weissbier. This unfiltered Hefeweizen is just what is should be. Refreshing with notes of clove and banana.

Kichesippi Beer Co. is a family-owned company committed to the tradition of craft brewing. You can find our Kichesippi Natural Blonde, 1855 and seasonals on tap throughout Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Kichesippi Beer Company makes Hefeweizen Hefeweizen

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