Hefeweizen by Little Brown Jug Brewing Company in Manitoba, Canada

About Hefeweizen by Little Brown Jug Brewing Company

A hazy German wheat beer with notes of banana, clove, and bread. Little Brown Jug's Hefeweizen brings you tropical flavours and a creamy mouthfeel with traditional ingredients. No sugar or fruit was added in the making of this beer.⁠

Fun fact: In German, "hefe" refers to the yeast that is suspended in the beer and gives it a cloudy appearance, and "weizen" means wheat.⁠

You'll be saying, "Noch ein Bier, bitte!" in no time!⁠

This Hefeweizen was inspired by traditional breweries and Little Brown Jug's mash contains over 70% wheat and German Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast. Not every brewhouse can handle what it takes to make a good Hefeweizen. Little Brown Jug has invested in optimal equipment to make the best beer possible. This allows them to follow a very ambitious mash schedule, which includes 7 different temperature rests over 2.5 hours to target different enzymes in the mash. They include a rest to produce more ferulic acid. During fermentation, yeast converts this ferulic acid into 4-vinyl guaiacol for the clove aroma and flavour. Why is this important? Without a healthy balance of clove flavour your Hefewizen would be a banana bomb and balance is kind of their thing. Exercising this level of control provides as much opportunity for goodness and deliciousness as possible!⁠

While enjoying your Hefeweizen don't forget the traditional 'cheers' in German. Prost! 

Kräusened craft beer brewed at the old livery on the edge of the Exchange District.

Little Brown Jug Brewing Company makes Hefeweizen Hefeweizen