Heller Highwater by Kichesippi Beer Company in Ontario, Canada

About Heller Highwater by Kichesippi Beer Company

The Ottawa River was the pathway for much of the early exploration of North America. In the 1600's, the fur trade sowed the seeds for European settlement along the river with its trading posts stationed between Lake Temiskaming and Montreal. This beer is a pale straw coloured Bavarian Lager. Brewed with German noble hops and a genuine Munich yeast. This is a classic example of the session beers enjoyed in Bavarian beer gardens. The beer has a clean malt flavour with a slight hop presence.

Kichesippi Beer Co. is a family-owned company committed to the tradition of craft brewing. You can find our Kichesippi Natural Blonde, 1855 and seasonals on tap throughout Ottawa and surrounding communities.

Kichesippi Beer Company makes Heller Highwater Munich Helles Lager

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