Henry's Irish Ale by The Publican House Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Henry's Irish Ale by The Publican House Brewery

At 5.6% ABV, this full flavoured brown ale has become the brewery's most popular Irish style ale. A roasted nutty flavor blends with a hint of chocolate and finishes with a gentle bitterness. Henry’s Irish Ale won Silver at the 2017 Ontario Brewing Awards. Henry’s Irish Ale was named after Henry Calcutt, a prominent figure in both Peterborough and the brewing industry, having opened a brewery in 1855 on Little Lake in Peterborough.  His brewery remained open for over 60 years before the doors closed for good in 1916.

Located in downtown Peterborough, Ontario, the Publican House Brewery is a craft brewery producing some of the finest and most interesting brews in Ontario.

The Publican House Brewery makes Henry's Irish Ale Irish Red Ale

Awards & Achievements for this Irish Red Ale