Here & Now Brown Ale by Cabin Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Cabin Brewing Company

Here & Now Brown Ale

5.5% ABV • IBU 32

About Here & Now Brown Ale by Cabin Brewing Company

This outrageously unique beer started life as a brown ale; nutty, chocolatey and rich. It’s almost exclusively made with Alberta malt from Origin Malting and Red Shed Malting. Cabin Brewing dry-hopped it with an experimental hop called HBC 472 - which sounds like a sci-fi bad guy and is about as weird. You’ll notice aromas of oak, coconut, bourbon, pineapple, vanilla, peach and a skiff of cinnamon. Yep, all from one hop. It’s unusual alright. In an awesomely mind-blowing way.

Cabin Brewing Company is a brewing supergroup determined to make Alberta a better place, one great beer at a time. We drink beer. We taste beer. We make beer. We judge beer. We live beer. We know beer.

Cabin Brewing Company makes Here & Now Brown Ale American Brown Ale