Hibiscus Brett Saison by To Øl in Copenhagen City, Denmark
To Øl

Hibiscus Brett Saison

Copenhagen City, Denmark
7% ABV

About Hibiscus Brett Saison by To Øl

To Øl has produced ‘Hibiscus Brett Saison’, a name focused on clarity in this time of un-certainty for all. A Saison style ale of 7% ABV, loaded up with the lightly tart, berry-full flavour of Hibiscus, and then rounded out with that funkiest of finishes putting George Clinton to shame, Brettanomyces.

Made by To Øl

To Øl wishes to make potent beers, packed with flavour and character. Beer, which you do not forget easily (unless you just had too many). We make beers with an edge and with a drive and prefers quality way before quantity. In short, we want to make the best beers in the world. Period.

To Øl makes Hibiscus Brett Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale