Hibiscus Saison by Royal City Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Hibiscus Saison by Royal City Brewing Company

Hibiscus Saison starts off with a refreshing, almost juice-like tartness. Effervescent and bubbly that transitions into the delicate, light, malt sweetness and crisp, herbal hop character that is the backbone of this beer. Lastly the spice and clove character from the yeast comes through in a dry, clean finish. This beer is pink due to the inclusion of actual hibiscus tea leaves in the boil. It is rather more tart than other saisons, and as such is has a somewhat juice like character on its front end. This beer is very good for those not familiar with craft, or who don’t like overly bitter beer. This beer is very light tasting, and drinks very refreshingly. The finish, with a clove-like phenol taste is what brings it back into the Saison style.