Highland Cask by Innis & Gunn in Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
Innis & Gunn

Highland Cask

Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
7.4% ABV

About Highland Cask by Innis & Gunn

In early 2014 good fortune smiled on Innis & Gunn. We were offered a small quantity of very rare oak barrels which had formerly been used to mature a famous 18-year old Single Malt Whisky from the Scottish Highlands.

At Innis & Gunn we've discovered that the key to imparting great depth of flavour lies in finding the perfect partnership between beer and barrel. After that, it's a rare combination for our brewers' time-served expertise, and the patience and respect that they have for the age-old process of oak maturation. Innis & Gunn Barrelmaster's Reserve perfectly embodies this approach.

Following its lengthy time spent in cask, the beer has developed a fragrant aroma of spice and rich toffee. The barrels have also imparted notes of heather honey, raisins and marzipan, making for a beautifully-balanced, complex ale, capped with a deeply smooth finish.

Food Pairings: Rich fruit cake and mince pies

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale Gold

Smell: Light and delicate. Heather honey, raisins and marzipan

Taste: Rich spiciness, gentle vanilla sweetness, smooth caramel

Finish: Long and complex

Made by Innis & Gunn

We’re very happy that you’re visiting our home. We’re a little brewer, and a little unusual. We mature our beer with oak, producing unique flavours and a range of beers that are finding friends around the world (touch wood).

Innis & Gunn makes Highland Cask Scottish Ale