Holy Smoke Stout by Firehall Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Holy Smoke Stout by Firehall Brewery

Dark, Daring, and drinkable all night! (tried and tested)

Fire-dried barley trips the alarm with engulfing smokiness, but roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavours are quick to respond, rushed to the scene by toasted grains. (Best of Class @ Okanagan Fest-of-Ale, 2 years running! 2013 & 2014)

“Dry Stout” is an off-shoot of the “Porter” beer style. Porter was a mass produced beer style originating a couple hundred years ago in London, England, where the water was suited for dark barley malts, and hop flavour and bitterness was a growing trend. Porter was brewed to give sustenance, strength, and energy to London’s working class. The Porter style brewed in Dublin, Ireland by Arthur Guinness became darker and heartier, and focused less on hop flavour and more on the roasted flavours from the dark barley malts. Soon many breweries were brewing their own stout, and stout became historically prescribed as a healing tonic and health drink, especially for seniors and pregnant women. Our Holy Smoke Stout is stylistically unique: a marriage of the Dry Stout style and the German “rauchbier” style. For thousands of years all beers had a smoky flavour because the only way to dry barley malt was over a fire. Recent industrialization removed the smoke flavour from beer, except for a handful of German malting companies that still smoke their malt over a traditional beech wood fire.

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Firehall Brewery makes Holy Smoke Stout English Stout