Twa Dogs - Holy Willie’s Robust Porter
Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery

Twa Dogs - Holy Willie’s Robust Porter

British Columbia, Canada
6.5% ABV • IBU 25

Robert Burns’ ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’ exists as one of the great satires of poetic creation; a prayer asking forgiveness but also for the strike of Hellfire against enemies. Holy Willie’s Robust Porter exists ‘Strong as a Rock’, Hellfire borrowed to roast the malts, but asks no forgiveness from the flock.

Holy Willie begins life in two lands, with BC and British specialty barley, with malted & flaked oats; but He feels the fires below more than others and his passion quickly turns to the Dark Side. Holy Willie must first destroy the young malts, but he is brewed to bring balance to the craft. His IBU bitterness is hidden behind chocolate roasted malts, the swirling maelstrom of his character is bold yet creamy, acrid yet malty. This stout ale, this Robust Porter tells you “Look, I am your Father”.