Honey Cream Ale by El Chivo Gruñón in Baja California, Mexico
El Chivo Gruñón

Honey Cream Ale

Baja California, Mexico
4.8% ABV • IBU 29

About Honey Cream Ale by El Chivo Gruñón

Cerveza Cream Ale clásica elaborada con Miel de Azahar de naranja y Vaina de vainilla de Papantla. Con un sabor robusto y a la vez refrescante, perfecto para un día soleado.

Classic Cream Ale beer brewed with orange blossom honey and Papantla vanilla bean. With a robust and refreshing taste, perfect for a sunny day.

The richest malts, the most aromatic hops, the freshest species and the most pristine waters are only counted in the field. With the experience and knowledge of working the field, we select the best ingredients to make an authentic ranch beer ; Pure and unique flavors for sophisticated and successful people like you.