Hop Adventure Aramis Hop by Carlow Brewing Company in Leinster, Ireland
Carlow Brewing Company

Hop Adventure Aramis Hop

Leinster, Ireland
5% ABV • IBU 35

About Hop Adventure Aramis Hop by Carlow Brewing Company

The third in the Hop Adventure Series has brought them to a more traditional variant of hop. Hops from the Alsace region of France have long been used in pale lager beers. However, more recently hop breeding programmes in Alsace have been bringing out more interesting styles and Aramis caught Carlow's immediate attention. It is as a great hybrid hop that perfectly combines a big hoppy bite with citrus as well as the peppery spice associated with old world lagers.

O’Hara’s Brewery/Carlow Brewing Company is an independent Irish family owned brewery located in the heart of Ireland's historical malt-growing “Barrow Valley” region.

Carlow Brewing Company makes Hop Adventure Aramis Hop American Pale Lager