Hop Dog Pale Ale by Barnhouse Brewery in Virginia, United States

About Hop Dog Pale Ale by Barnhouse Brewery

American Pale Ales can run the gamit from somewhat malty but bitter with subdued hop aromas to significant hop bitterness, flavor, and aromas.  This typically falls on the hoppier side with generous amounts of Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops supported by a malt bill of domestic 2 row pale malt with a touch of medium crystal malt. Barnhouse dry hops with Citra and Cascade hops (from their own vines when available). The result is a moderate citrusy hop aroma (somewhat tropical from the Citra), with citrusy hop flavors and a body on the lighter side that is refreshing anytime.

We are a small country brewery that focuses on making great beer for our local community. We make every effort to use locally grown ingredients from our home grown hops to produce and grain from our local farmers.