Hoppy Feet Black IPA by Clown Shoes Beer in Massachusetts, United States

About Hoppy Feet Black IPA by Clown Shoes Beer

Ten whole years of Clown Shoes Beer. Before the Unidragons, the Bubble Farms, the Baked Good spaceship armada and Undead Party Crashers, there was nothing but a couple of Hoppy Feet.

Hoppy Feet was Clown Shoes’ first ever release, a Black IPA that made little sense as the launching point for a brand, but satisfied a thirst and set us on a path that ten years later we are forever grateful for. The style may not be in vogue like it once was, but the flavors are still as refreshing and delicious as ever.

Black malts deliver deep, rich roasted dark malt flavor, while Simcoe, Columbus, and Amarillo hops contribute a perfectly balancing dose of piney hop notes in this limited release in celebration of their 10th Anniversary.

Maker of world class beers from Ipswich, MA. Named Top 100 Brewer in the world for 2014. Lets have fun (no clown stuff though, just the shoe part)!

Clown Shoes Beer makes Hoppy Feet Black IPA American IPA