Hoppy Hefe by Brauerei Fahr in Alberta, Canada
Brauerei Fahr

Hoppy Hefe

5.3% ABV • IBU 35

About Hoppy Hefe by Brauerei Fahr

Citrus. Summer. Haze.

Hoppy Hefe is exactly how it sounds! If you can’t tell, Fahr plays the role of “Captain Obvious” when naming their beers. The base recipe for this Hopped up Hefe is similar to their traditional Hefe with the exception of using Amarillo hops, instead of the German noble hops. But don’t be fooled when you take your first sip, there is plenty of hops in this beer, despite the low bitterness! Paired with notes of banana and clove, the hops in this beer adds flavours of citrus and orange! It is an absolutely winning combo … but don’t take our word on it and try it for yourself!

Made by Brauerei Fahr

Traditional German beers strictly brewed in Alberta

Brauerei Fahr makes Hoppy Hefe Hefeweizen