Hops by Black Bellows Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada

About Hops by Black Bellows Brewing Company

Sometimes circumstance dictates the direction your life takes, and this Belgian-style IPA is an example of how that often works out for the best. Hops come in 11 pound bags, so when Black Bellows decided they wanted Citra, Mosaic and Cascade in this beer they knew they were going to use 33 pounds, even though the batch was extra small. Some would say using such an enormous amount of hops was poor planning, others would call it crazy. Whatever! The result is a fantastic brew with beautiful tropical and stone fruit character, balanced by the spicy flavours of Black Bellows Brewing's house yeast.

We make phenomenal Belgian-inspired beer and distribute it to our favourite places in Ontario.

Black Bellows Brewing Company makes Hops Belgian IPA