Hour 12 IPL by Apex Predator Brewing in Alberta, Canada

About Hour 12 IPL by Apex Predator Brewing

One hour and 12 minutes is the time it takes to drive from one brewery to the other. To some, it might seem like a long trip – but even if it is, the time spent still proves to be valuable. Likewise, this India Pale Lager in your hand took six weeks to brew, but it’s an important journey given the result. That’s how we feel out here in the Alberta Foothills: take your time and enjoy the Hour-12, because when it comes to having a fresh pint with true friends the journey AND the destination are both worth it.

A collaboration with Folding Mountain Brewing.

Where only the strongest beers survive.

Apex Predator Brewing makes Hour 12 IPL American Pale Lager