Hully Gully by Microbrewery Les Grands Bois in Québec, Canada

About Hully Gully by Microbrewery Les Grands Bois

You were born wild, don't let yourself be tamed. Visual distortion and emotional experience, come on, let yourself dance!

In this glass there is no heaviness, only weightlessness. For acidity, lactobacilli invade the floor. Fortunately, the hops cannot be fooled.

It is no longer possible to party without ignoring it. Everyone in a trance, why resist?

Hully Gully all night ...

The only microbrewery in western Portneuf county, Les Grands Bois microbrewery has made a name for itself in the Portneuf landscape thanks to the dynamism and originality of its five founders.

Microbrewery Les Grands Bois makes Hully Gully American Pale Ale (APA)