Hummingbird by Fourpure Brewing Co. in London - England, United Kingdom
Fourpure Brewing Co.


Limited Release
London - England, United Kingdom
5.4% ABV • IBU 6

About Hummingbird by Fourpure Brewing Co.

Much like its namesake the Hummingbird, this beer has a lot going on… Built on a solid base of four different malts it offers a smooth, well-rounded body. Kettle soured with the generous addition of fresh raspberry puree, then recirculated through a meadows worth of hibiscus flowers, the end result is a beautifully balanced sour beer with just enough sweetness and body to counteract the acidity & tartness. Not only delicious, pour it in your glass and marvel at the beautiful berry pink hue. Hooray for science.

We love beer. We love brewing. And we love to take inspiration for our beers from our travels and experiences around the world, bringing them back to the brewery and blending with our way of doing things.