Hyla by Southern Craft Brewing Co. in Louisiana, United States

About Hyla by Southern Craft Brewing Co.

A hop-centric IPA made with Appalachian wheat. Perfect bitterness with tropical & citrus aromas.


Hyla Cinerea, the Green Tree Frog, is well known in these parts. He frequents the nights and sings to his heart’s content. In the same way, we think his namesake beer will sing to you.

Southern Craft brings the most tropical and fruit forward hops they could find to bear in their new IPA, the juicier, lighter, hop-focused cousin of Pompous Pelican. They’ve also pulled in Appalachian wheat, a red wheat variety from the mountains that adds a classic, bready note without overpowering the hops. It also helps establish that aroma-boosting foam atop the drink.

Brewed Up. Down South.

Southern Craft Brewing Co. makes Hyla American IPA