I, Braineater
Bomber Brewing

I, Braineater

British Columbia, Canada
5.8% ABV

Bomber Brewing has dressed up for the Halloween season and brewed up a festively inspired Pumpkin Ale called the I, Braineater. This beer comes in at 5.8% and pours from the bottle as an amber colour topped with a finger and a half of relatively quickly settling head. The aroma is big with pumpkin spice. A lightness comes along side the crisp nutmeg infused, pumpkin scent for a sessionable but well-flavoured fall beer. The beer is fairly light on the tongue with a relatively big pumpkin spice flavour. While the spice is big there is little in the way of creamy texture to go with it making for a sessionable yet flavourful brew. This beer has lots of flavour to satisfy your pumpkin fever but remains light enough to enjoy the whole bottle. Bomber has entered the pumpkin game with a delicious and formidable pumpkin ale.

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