Imperial IPA by Boiling Oar Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Imperial IPA by Boiling Oar Brewing Company

Over the duration of a 90 minute boil this Imperial IPA was continuously hopped to impart magnificent citrus and grapefruit
notes, which will conquer even the most discerning palate. This Double IPA joins the Boiling Oar Brewery line up in the heavy
weight division with an impressive 8.5 % A.B.V. Due to the impeccable unity of bready sweetness and infusion of 72 IBU’s
from predominate Yakima hops, the higher A.B.V "heat" hides extremely well. This big and bold IPA will have you climbing over the ropes back into the ring for seconds.

Good People. Good Beer.

Boiling Oar Brewing Company makes Imperial IPA American Double / Imperial IPA