India Pale Ale by Shepherd Neame in Kent - England, United Kingdom
Shepherd Neame

India Pale Ale

Kent - England, United Kingdom
6.1% ABV

About India Pale Ale by Shepherd Neame

Hailing from the tradition of 18th Century IPAs, which relied on generous hopping to protect exports during arduous journeys, this modern incarnation retains the strength, body and strong hop character which is synonymous with this beer's provenance.

A glorious showcase of the distinct, heavily hopped beers for which Shepherd Neame is famed, India Pale Ale delivers potent bitterness, offset with generous amounts of pale ale malt to deliver a balanced, yet uncompromising brew.

Available on draught from March to May

Tasting Notes: A deep golden ale, with spiced fruit notes and a distinctive, heavily hopped bitterness.

Food Pairing: Strong Cheddar, Stilton

Made by Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame is Britain's oldest brewer.