Innis & None by Innis & Gunn in Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
Innis & Gunn

Innis & None

Limited Release
Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
0% ABV

About Innis & None by Innis & Gunn

Zero alcohol. Zero compromise on flavour. Innis & None is Innis & Gunn's very first zero alcohol beer. It’s bold, zesty and thirst quenching, with all the hops and flavour you want from a craft beer, just no alcohol. Whilst most non-alcoholic beers are brewed and then dealcoholized removing some of the flavour. Their brewers have created a beer like no other; Innis & None is brewed but not fermented, leaving all the flavour untouched.

Made by Innis & Gunn

We’re very happy that you’re visiting our home. We’re a little brewer, and a little unusual. We mature our beer with oak, producing unique flavours and a range of beers that are finding friends around the world (touch wood).

Innis & Gunn makes Innis & None Low Alcohol Beer