IPA by Anderson Craft Ales in Ontario, Canada

About IPA by Anderson Craft Ales

IPAs, short for India Pale Ales, were traditionally stronger, highly hopped versions of British ales made to survive the long voyage to India. The British troops stationed in India became accustomed to these ales, and upon returning home wanted the local brewers to make more of these India Pale Ales. This IPA is a light blonde colour with a slightly malty backbone balanced by a smooth bitterness, and accentuated by refreshing citrus and tropical notes of North American hops. Try pairing this IPA with big, bold tasting foods like an Indian curry, some spicy fajitas, a nice chunk of well grilled meat, or a rich chocolate cake.

We're a family owned and operated brewery proudly brewing out of London, Ontario. We pride ourselves on crafting small batch, handcrafted, premium beers without compromise that we know you'll love; from our family to yours.

Anderson Craft Ales makes IPA American IPA