IPA by Gladstone Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About IPA by Gladstone Brewing Company

India Pale Ale was originally brewed in the UK for shipping to colonists living in India. The distinctively high hop ad alcohol levels of the IPA style both helped to preserve the beer for the long sea voyage.  The movement of the ship at sea would keep the yeast suspended in the beer and result in a highly attenuated (dry) beer.

The Gladstone IPA glints a dark copper, aromas of tropical fruit can be found, but resinous pine is much more prominent. Lightly malted, strong bitterness from West Coast hops is the focus, complimented rather than diffused by bright citrus flavours courtesy of a generous amount of Southern Hemisphere hops. What malt character remains is most apparent after swallowing, where the light sweetness works to hold the bitterness on the tongue.

A small craft brewery on Vancouver Island making West Coast and Belgian inspired beers. Tasting lounge open 11am 'till late, seven days a week.

Gladstone Brewing Company makes IPA American IPA