IPA Unleashed by Ramblin' Road Brewery Farm in Ontario, Canada

About IPA Unleashed by Ramblin' Road Brewery Farm

IPA Unleashed completes Ramblin' Road Brewery Farm's current flight of hand crafted, locally brewed, farm fresh beers. They’ve combined premium selected grains, natural spring water from beneath their brewery lands and 4 varieties of bittering hops – grown on the farm – to create an authentic IPA. Its character is traditional with a taste that makes it a pleasure to drink, not a challenge. With a bitterness of 48 BU’s, IPA Unleashed also features a malty sweetness that perfectly balances this refreshing brew. That subtle orange citrus that you expect in an IPA is still there, the hops tingle is impressive, the finish is outstanding, welcoming you back again and again.

Ontario’s only Brewery Farm with unique beers that take their flavour and character from Norfolk County–this remarkable area known as Ontario’s Garden.