IPL de Rang-d'au-Dessus by Unibroue in Québec, Canada

IPL de Rang-d'au-Dessus

5.5% ABV

About IPL de Rang-d'au-Dessus by Unibroue

Anything can happen when we’re taken away to a sanctuary of fruity bitterness. This IPL will take you to the next level.Discover the fruity and hoppy aromas of this India Pale Lager, followed by grassy, floral and citrusy notes. Its refreshing, crisp taste blends marvellously with its distinct bitterness and great finesse. One sip is not enough of this fruity and juicy liquid with a slightly bitter finish.

Made by Unibroue

At Unibroue, we create unique-tasting craft beers using traditional brewing methods. Our beers are unlike any other product on the market, and no two are alike. Each one has a distinctive character defined by taste, colour, texture, and density.

Unibroue makes IPL de Rang-d'au-Dessus American Pale Lager