ISA by Gladstone Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About ISA by Gladstone Brewing Company

A modern American twist on the classic IPA formula of heavy duty hop flavor and ABV to match, the ISA is a beer that aims for similar hop character while shedding some alcohol content. The result is an ale that is often fruity, almost always light, while still maintaining some of the defining bitterness of IPA’s past.

The Gladstone ISA is a hazy honey orange color, smelling strongly of grapefruit and subtly of sweet tropical fruits. Grapefruit bitterness is the most apparent flavor, followed by a finish of tropical and pit fruits bolstered by light malt character. Lower than average carbonation creates a sensation of a fuller body while avoiding heavy maltiness, allowing the hops to shine and helping to keep flavours balanced.

A small craft brewery on Vancouver Island making West Coast and Belgian inspired beers. Tasting lounge open 11am 'till late, seven days a week.

Gladstone Brewing Company makes ISA American IPA