Island Lager by Granville Island Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Island Lager by Granville Island Brewing

Back in ’84, Granville Island Brewing crafted their original lager at the tiny brewery on Granville Island. The finest quality ingredients give it a distinct hop flavour, golden colour and a clean, refreshing taste. Goes perfectly with barbecues and humble beginnings. This brew is light and malty with hints of grassy hop aromas and a crisp hoppy bitterness.

This is the perfect brew for any babecuer because this beer goes great with basically anything you throw over the coals. The perfect palate cleanser for bolder flavours. Tastes great with chicken and beef burgers.

In 1984 something happened that forever changed the local beer industry: Granville Island Brewing opened the doors to Canada’s first microbrewery. And in doing so, we opened hearts and minds to a whole new beer drinking experience.

Granville Island Brewing makes Island Lager American Pale Lager

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