Jack of Spades Porter by James Squire in New South Wales, Australia
James Squire

Jack of Spades Porter

New South Wales, Australia
5% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 35

About Jack of Spades Porter by James Squire

Back when rum was the unofficial currency, it took a real gambler to bet his future on brewing. But James Squire was never one to shy away from a challenge or try his hand at something new, quickly building a fortune from his brewery and tavern. You could say he was an archetypal jack of all trades, but to give credit where credit is due – he was a master of many too.

From this man of many tastes and talents comes Jack of Spades Porter. Utterly unique, it has a more delicate complexity than a regular stout with its rich black colour, coffee and chocolate aroma and pillowy head.

Jack of Spades Porter is perfect for colder winter months and pairs with hearty roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, porterhouse steak or take it to your dessert course and match it with a chocolate mud cake, double cream and raspberries.

Made by James Squire

As the man who first successfully cultivated hops in Australia way back in the early 19th century, James Squire has achieved legendary status. Chuck Hahn is a man after James Squire’s heart, a passionate brewer who has made a significant impact on the beer-drinking landscape.

James Squire makes Jack of Spades Porter American Porter

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