Jack Straw IPA by Mully's Brewery in Maryland, United States
Mully's Brewery

Jack Straw IPA

6.5% ABV • IBU 85 • SRM 5

About Jack Straw IPA by Mully's Brewery

Jack Straw India Pale Ale is the no holds barred tribute to hopheads. A taste explosion of fruity and spicy hops makes this IPA stand out from the norm. A true American IPA with resinous hop bitterness mated to fresh-off-the-vine hop flavors and aromas wrapped around a solid undertone of maltiness. Hop flavors and aromas of pine, lemon, and a hint of stone fruits jump out of this fairly dry beer.

Made by Mully's Brewery

Small, Independent, Craft Brewery.

Mully's Brewery makes Jack Straw IPA American IPA