Jackrabbit by Big Rock Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Jackrabbit by Big Rock Brewery

A light lager for your active lifestyle.  No additives, no preservatives.  100 calories per 355 ml can. 90 calories per 330ml bottle.

It’s back and better than ever! Jackrabbit originated in 2003. A hugely popular beer Brewmaster Paul Gautreau has taken and improved with his updated recipe for 2019.

“There is a fine balance between getting the calories down and still having flavour. It’s difficult to have both.” says Gautreau. “Jackrabbit has a clean, crisp taste, AND it’s a pure beer! Other beers in this category are brewed with enzymes added to the recipe [to get the calories lower]. We’ve been able to deliver a refreshing light lager without any preservatives or additives.”

Proud Early Bird of Craft Beer

Big Rock Brewery makes Jackrabbit Light Lager

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