James Blonde 00709 by Secret Cove Brewing Company in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About James Blonde 00709 by Secret Cove Brewing Company

The story of this beer ...

Secret Cove crafted this beer with you in mind. It’s a fun easy drinking craft beer for those interested in craft beer but are not sure where to start. Built with familiar noble hops and a grain bill sourced from abroad. They hope to illustrate to those curious about craft beer where beer is heading in Newfoundland. As the name implies, they tip their hat to the local area code and to a soon to be famous agent James Blonde.

Appearance and Taste …

With an appearance and color Secret Cove describe as antique gold, you soon taste the roundness and clean aftertaste but without that big beer tang. They carefully dialed the fermentation temps on this one, to bring you a fresh, and not much in the way of bitterness. Its attractive, bright and refreshing. Clean and balanced with a beautiful rocky head, the bitterness is quick, and vanishes with no aftertaste. Unlike your typical lager, this ale opens up your interest in local craft beer.  Hops here take a subtle showing, built on several noble hops with a tiny flare of a surprise aroma addition.  Brewers are showcasing UK, Canadian and German malts.

Pairs very well with Shed or Kitchen Parties!

We are all about showcasing our beautiful island, and telling stories about the past and present. Come visit Port au Port and experience Secret Cove Brewing. Visit our brewery and experience Cove Life!