Java The Stout by Jackie O's Pub & Brewery in Ohio, United States

About Java The Stout by Jackie O's Pub & Brewery

A caramel centered stout accentuated by Athens’ Own Dawn Chorus French Roast. Jackie O's starts from a stout with minimal roasted barley and an abundant amount of caramel malts (Special B, cara 8); this creates sweet flavors and mouth feel to boot! After fermentation the beer is cold conditioned on four pounds of course ground coffee beans for one week to add color and lots of roasted flavor. Java the Stout not only contains approximately a half a cup of coffee caffeine per pint, but is also 6.5% abv. Great body with robust aroma and pungent coffee flavor. What more could you ask for?

Athens' original local brewpub, offering a wide variety of neo-traditionally crafted artisan brews.

Jackie O's Pub & Brewery makes Java The Stout American Stout