Jefeweizen by Carneros Brewing Company in California, United States

About Jefeweizen by Carneros Brewing Company

Brewed with all natural malted barley, wheat, estate grown hops and selected yeast to bring you a refreshing Bavarian style Hefeweizen cerveza. The Jefeweizen is brewed with 55% 2-row pale malt, 45% malted wheat, and a generous amount of caramel malt to give the beer a rich coral. The selected Bavarian yeast strain imparts awesome banana fruit esters with hints of clove and spice on the palate complementing the body and hop profile of this flavorful and citrusy unfiltered wheat beer.

The Carneros Brewing Company is a family owned microbrewery founded by four Ceja brothers and their families in Sonoma Valley.

Carneros Brewing Company makes Jefeweizen Hefeweizen