June Princess by Carolina Bauernhaus in South Carolina, United States

About June Princess by Carolina Bauernhaus

A native fermented sour rye ale brewed with North Carolina grown pilsner and heirloom rye malts. This hazy gold beer was fermented in North Carolina Tempranillo wine barrels and aged on apricots and locally harvested June Princess nectarines from Clemson University's Musser Experimental Fruit Research Farm. The beer is fermented with a blend of SouthYeast Labs N1 strong ale yeast and native lactobacillus along with a few Brettanomyces strains. This fruit forward beer is balanced by a bright acidity and rounded out by an oaky barrel character.

Carolina Bauernhaus's mission is to create award winning complex, exciting, and full flavored craft brewed beer, cider and mead while creating a sense of community through craft brewing education, innovation, brewery collaborations and activities/festivals.

Carolina Bauernhaus makes June Princess American Wild / Sour Ale

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