Jurassic Gose by Bruery Terreux in California, United States

About Jurassic Gose by Bruery Terreux

Gose, port wine, chenin blanc grapes, sea salt captured from the Pacific Ocean. None of these existed in the Jurassic era. The creatures that roamed the earth 145+ million years ago had neither the brainpower nor wherewithal to concoct such a creation and collaboration of this magnitude. Fast forward to present day with Bruery Terreux, Libertine Brewing Company and Field Recordings Wine, and these dinosaurs could learn a thing or two about adapting to the environment and making the most out of terroir around them. And that’s exactly where we sought inspiration (and borrowed artwork from our offspring) in the creation of Jurassic Gose. This tart, wheat-based ale is our exploration of a West Coast gose. Jurassic Gose is brewed using the stein beer method with locally-sourced rocks, and features grapes from Jurassic Park Vineyard and sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Aged in port wine barrels with chenin blanc grapes, this wild collaboration emerges as mineralic, territorial and dry. It’s unlike any gose you’ve had before – in fact, it’s from an entirely different era.

Food Pairing:

Primal scotch eggs, dinosaur kale salad, Cato Corner Hooligan cheese, molten butterscotch lava cake. Firewalking games with friends at a dino-inspired birthday party.

Made by Bruery Terreux

Bruery Terreux® is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales. Bruery Terreux is rustic, traditional, familial, yet innovative and independent in spirit.

Bruery Terreux makes Jurassic Gose Gose