Jurassic IPA by Cameron's Brewing Company in Ontario, Canada
Cameron's Brewing Company

Jurassic IPA

6.8% ABV • IBU 68

About Jurassic IPA by Cameron's Brewing Company

Like the king of dinosaurs this IPA has a huge presence and refuses to be ignored thanks to its three complimentary hops. A golden hue greets the eyes while the nose is welcomed with citrus grapefruit & mango aromatics. Starts simple but becomes more complex with each sip. The body’s clean effervescence bubbles forth with juicy vibrant fruit tones and finishes crisp and clean.

By adhering to traditional brewing practices, using all-natural ingredients, and most importantly, demonstrating a passion for our craft, you can think of us as ‘beer artisans’.

Cameron's Brewing Company makes Jurassic IPA American IPA