Kaffe og Røg by To Øl in Copenhagen City, Denmark
To Øl

Kaffe og Røg

Copenhagen City, Denmark
9% ABV

About Kaffe og Røg by To Øl

A throw back to Danish bodegas and cafes of old. ‘Kaffe og Røg’ is a beer inspired by the men and women who would take a coffee inside the dimly lit and smoke filled cafes of Copenhagen on a daily basis, places now much breezier and full of “freelancers”. This is a 9% dark ale, overflowing with smoked and peated malts to bring to life the smokey ruins of old bodegas. To Øl then piles this beer full of coffee to drag it’s tired bones into life, leaving you with a swirling, smokey and nostalgic beverage.

Made by To Øl

To Øl wishes to make potent beers, packed with flavour and character. Beer, which you do not forget easily (unless you just had too many). We make beers with an edge and with a drive and prefers quality way before quantity. In short, we want to make the best beers in the world. Period.

To Øl makes Kaffe og Røg Smoked Beer