Kaiserdom Pilsener by Kaiserdom in Bavaria, Germany

Kaiserdom Pilsener

Bavaria, Germany
4.8% ABV

About Kaiserdom Pilsener by Kaiserdom

Kaiserdom Pilsener presents itself in the glass straw-yellow in colour and glossy with elegant ascending carbon dioxide and a snow-white, solid foam. Elegant fresh aroma hops initiate the fragrance symphony which gradually takes on a hint of summer barley. A fresh, sparkling overture is followed by the slender malt body with a full hop aroma. The finale follows with a long-lasting bitterness and a slightly fruity sweetness.

Made by Kaiserdom

The Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei Bamberg has existed since 1718 and is the largest of the twelve breweries in Bamberg. It has been owned by the Wörner family for over 100 years. 1039 Beer has a long tradition in Bamberg.