Karma Citra IPA by Great Lakes Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Karma Citra IPA by Great Lakes Brewery

Karma Citra IPA (American Style IPA) is one of the most talked about India Pale Ales in Canada for good reason. There is a lot of flavour packed into the orange-bodied 6.6% award winning beer. Notes of lemon rind, tropical fruits, soft pine resin and a touch of honey bound from the glass in both the aroma and taste thanks to a generous amount of the famous Citra hop. Deliciously bitter medium body, yet nice and smooth with a dry resiny finish.

Celebrating 30 Years of craft beer in 2017! We produce awesome beer...And we're damn proud of it! 2014, 2015, 2016 ON Brewery of Year!

Great Lakes Brewery makes Karma Citra IPA American IPA