Kathaumixw by Townsite Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Kathaumixw by Townsite Brewing

Kathaumixw is a biannual international choral festival hosted in Powell River. For 5 days in July, the town is filled with the beautiful voices of dozens of choirs from all over the world. Languages pose no boundaries – people from different cultures come together to share the common language of song.

Cédric was thrilled to be asked to create a special beer inspired by this festival. To honour Kathaumixw, he has brewed a Bière de Garde, a strong pale ale or (literally) ‘keeping beer’ traditionally brewed in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France. This version is peppery & earthy from the northern Europen hops, and fruity from the Belgian yeast.

A craft brewery in the historic Townsite district of Powell River, BC

Townsite Brewing makes Kathaumixw Bière de Garde