Kim-Ach-Touch Ale
Tree Brewing Company

Kim-Ach-Touch Ale

British Columbia, Canada
6.4% ABV • IBU 42

One day a group of passing Okanagan Natives seeing smoke issuing from an underground Kekuli stopped to see who lived there. Early settler August Gillard emerges whereupon the First Natives delightedly shouted ‘KIM-ACH-TOUCH, KIM-ACH-TOUCH’ Native for ‘BROWN
BEAR, BROWN BEAR’. This name struck as a possible name for Kelowna. However, in time ‘Kelowna’ the Native term for Grizzly Bear would be chosen and registered under that name in 1892. This brew is a unique blend of Tree Brewing's award winning Doppelbock and their Brown Ale. The resulting brew is deep amber and light brown in colour with a pleasant hop aroma and flavor up front ending in a smooth malt finish.