Kiwi's Playhouse by Brooklyn Brewery in New York, United States

About Kiwi's Playhouse by Brooklyn Brewery

The kiwi fruit is a very odd thing indeed. It’s sweet, tart, playful....but also brown, furry, and supernatural green on the inside. Frankly, the kiwi is altogether weird, but it’s also pretty delicious. Did we go there? We sure did, by peeling an entire pallet-full of ripe fresh kiwi fruit and adding it to a finely tuned sour beer in red wine barrels for a few months. We blended this with another beer that's spent over a year in barrels to add extra complexity, and then re-fermented it all in the bottle.

The result is Kiwi's Playhouse, a strong, playful beer with a distinctly tart edge. Kiwi’s Playhouse sports a bright palate that's dry, full of tropical fruit and more delicious than eye-watering. It's great with everything you want to eat this summer - barbecue, fish tacos, seafood, salads, goat cheeses. Forget the rosé and get yourself into Kiwi's Playhouse. Trust us - it's more fun in here.

Once an intimidating stretch of old warehouses and rough streets, Brooklyn's Northside has grown around the Brooklyn Brewery to become a cultural destination. Book Small Batch Tours and find out when to visit us on the weekends below, and check out our Events page for a complete list of public events in our Tasting Room.

Brooklyn Brewery makes Kiwi's Playhouse American Wild / Sour Ale