Kölsch by Brasserie Vrooden in Québec, Canada

About Kölsch by Brasserie Vrooden

The history of the Kölsch began around 1840. It is the fruit of the Cologne brewer’s determination, resisting to bureaucracy, the invasion of the Lagers and the devastation of the two Great World Wars to offer us the only German blond Ale. In 1986, the German government recognized the uniqueness of this beer by raising it to the level of Protected designation of origin (POC) and by granting its brewing to only 22 breweries in the Cologne region. We brewed our Kölsch style beer to pay tribute to these brewers and their tenacity.

We brew genuine German beers, by the methods and ingredients used, without compromising on taste and quality!

Brasserie Vrooden makes Kölsch Kölsch