The Kraken
Triggerfish Brewing

The Kraken

Western Cape, South Africa
11.5% ABV

The mythical KRAKEN sea monster, and passing the 1000 fan mark on Facebook, inspired this monstrous Imperial IPA. We brewed a test batch with a theoretical 1100 IBU’s and upped that to our fan count of 1254 on the full batch brew day. Titan pours an opaque reddish orange with a hint of a head that leaves some lacing. The aroma is overwhelmingly fruity hops with copious amounts of malt leaving hints of caramel and dried fruit. The taste is surprisingly balanced although very bitter. The finis is the clincher, hop aroma and bitterness lingers on the palate until you brush your teeth op possibly when you eat a ghost chilli. The KRAKEN is a bucket list experience for hard core hopheads.

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