La Courtisane Nitro by La Voie Maltée in Québec, Canada
La Voie Maltée

La Courtisane Nitro

4% ABV

About La Courtisane Nitro by La Voie Maltée

An Irish Cream Ale round with a sweet malt character. Thanks to the technology of the widget present in the can, it is now possible to obtain the cascading effect by cracking the COURTISANE at home.

Made by La Voie Maltée

La Voie Maltée, une micro-brasserie du Saguenay, totalement hors du commun. Venez prendre une bière chez-nous! The Voie Maltée, a micro-brewery of the Saguenay region, totally out of the ordinary. Come and have a beer with us!

La Voie Maltée makes La Courtisane Nitro Cream Ale