La Frambiose by Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt in Québec, Canada

About La Frambiose by Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt

With its bright pink color, FRAMBIOSE is our most vibrant beer in our range. As soon as it appears on a terrace, everyone wants to appropriate it. Everyone loves it with love!

It is a perfect symbiosis between the freshness of a Belgian white and the juicy taste of raspberries. Not too much of one, not too much of the other. A balanced, slightly bitter, unsweetened and in no way safe flavor.

The FRAMBIOSE is THE beer for the patio / terrace / pool among friends. Its consumption is also recommended during a game of poker in order to decentralize your opponents. Keep this for yourself! A great chef from the region told us that he loved pairing this rosé beer with a salad of avocados, walnuts and balsamic oil! We are already salivating…

As it is a party beer, we have prepared a Spotify playlist that is on the move for FRAMBIOSE . Question to put the atmosphere elsewhere than in your glass!

Le respect et la compréhension des éléments représentent la clef de voûte dans l’atteinte de l’équilibre parfait.

Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt makes La Frambiose Witbier